HOLISTIC /hōˈlistik/ • Treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the physical symptoms of an illness or disease.

Our Story

As the founder of LaZer iZ Essential, Natalie Guergis has no doubt whatsoever that Laser work is truly essential.

In fact, it is this exact reason that after working with Laser technology at her friend’s clinic for 2 years in the Province of Prince Edward Island, and using Laser technology to successfully quit smoking herself after years of trying every method available.  Natalie launched LaZer iZ Essential.

Recalls Natalie, “My friend coaxed me into trying a single laser treatment as a trial, telling me the ‘real’ treatment would be the next day. I didn’t want to quit smoking that day so when she said it was just a trial, well that was how she convinced me to give it a try. I haven’t lit a cigarette since. I didn’t want to smoke again after that one treatment that wasn’t supposed to be a real treatment, and I even threw my cigarettes in the garbage an hour after my treatment.”

That experience was so profound; she knew immediately that she had found her calling.

She knew from that second forward that she wanted to help people overcome what she had faced, while giving them the support that they might need. She went on to help her friend launch the laser side of her business, and then open a second location.

It was at that point, the desire to teach others her unique and original protocols and share her proven method and highly successful methods that she founded and opened LaZer iZ Essential in Moncton, New Brunswick.

She notes that she used to have a  dream that there would be a place the one she has now – a place where everything has been thought out, where attention to detail is the order of the day – a place where the entire experience supports the healing that can occur as a result of laser treatment.

“The better you feel, the less hungry you are, and likewise, the better you feel, the better your chance of stopping a habit like smoking in the first place.”

Adds Natalie, “I used to wonder, why isn’t there a place for someone like me, someone who wants to quit smoking, and someone who wants to have treatment for both the psychological, emotional and physical aspects of quitting.”

As to why the specific approach to quitting and assisting with the quitting process is important, Natalie notes that some people want to know why they smoke, or do drugs. It’s important to respect that and serve each client based on their unique situation.

She explained to us that Endorphins are truly Miracle Hormones, and in some ways, they are the magic or the key as to why Laser is such a successful option.

“The better you feel, the less hungry you are, and likewise, the better you feel, the better your chance of stopping a habit like smoking in the first place.”

She went on to explain that if a person quits cold turkey, it takes 3 months for them to get the endorphins that laser treatment can often deliver in just one or two treatments. The endorphins are the exact factor in feeling good while quitting a habit that may have had control for so long.

Notes Natalie, “Even though we screen our patients to make sure they are truly ready to quit, and if they are not, we do everything we can to get them ready, everything we do, as people, in this world, is about trying to find ways to feel good. Laser Treatments deliver that feel good feeling and the odds of quitting a habit like smoking increases greatly once we understand that, and strive to help our clients to feel good the minute they smoke their last cigarette. It may sound inconceivable that someone can be happy while quitting, but we see the proof on a weekly basis, and the success rates of Laser Treatment in relation to quitting for the long term, and my own success in using Laser, that you can feel good while saying goodbye to the habit forever.”

In terms of how she defines success, and how it relates directly to her work at the clinic, she notes that the very day she discovered what she is doing now, with laser work, and helping people quit smoking, that is success. Helping her friend get her Laser business up and running, that is success. Being able to run the business with the support of her partner in life and in business, Ean Claire, that is success.

She is also a big believer in the importance of mentorship, and inspiration, and notes that her own success wouldn’t have been as possible without those who have supported her. As for who inspires her now, and who has inspired her in the past, she notes that Alvin Curley of PEI, an NLP coach she worked with while getting her own NLP certification, was a big inspiration and mentor to her. She adds that her father, Edward A Guergis was also a major mentor and he in fact, he taught her about business from a very early age – which perhaps in no small part increased her odds when launching LaZer iZ Essential in the first place.

As for what the future of LaZer iZ Essential holds, the organization is already franchising in hopes of bringing transformation to more people on a regular basis. It has grown to add two other clinics in New Brunswick in Grand Falls and also Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.  Don’t be surprised to see a LaZer iZ Essential clinic in your area in the near future.