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My life changed on March 13, 2012 when I met Natalie Guergis at Lazer iZ. I work at a very stressful job and have also been struggling to lose weight for more than 10 years until I finally found a healthy and beneficial way that worked for me.

My first appointment at Lazer iZ was an amazing and painless experience. During my first treatment I felt my liver cramping and intestines moving, where Natalie informed me that this is usually felt during the third and fourth treatment. I was amazed how I felt after my first treatment. I had more energy and I changed the way I was eating.

The first month going for laser treatments for stress and anxiety, I also lost 12 pounds and 10 inches. In April, 2012, I was introduced to Isagenix and started using the 30 day program. In the first nine weeks, I lost 30 pounds and 18 inches. As of July 19, 2012, I continue t used Isagenix and have lost an amazing 60 pounds and 32 inches. I feel so much better!

I recommend this program to anyone. If you want to quit smoking, reduce stress or anxiety, or a looking for help with wight loss issues, do what I did. Call today for your appointment. It’s worth it!

Thank you, Natalie for giving me my life back!

Annette M. Gould

In August, 2010, I weighed in at 300 lbs with various medical complications. My neurologist wanted me to schedule gastric bypass surgery and I was desperate to avoid such drastic measures. When I first heard about the laser therapy for weight loss I was skeptical but since I was in the area I decided to drop in and arranged to do an eight week treatment plan. I thought to myself I can do anything for 8 weeks so I made that commitment – to change my life for eight weeks. I kept thinking to myself “I can do anything for eight weeks”.  

I decided to change my eating habits to make my metabolism work for me, so I cut out foods that I knew were slowing it down such as sugars and processed foods. If I couldn’t pronounce the ingredients on the packaging, it I didn’t eat it. I cut way down on carbs and limited my fat intake.  I stayed away from processed sugar and artificial sweeteners and used natural sweeteners like Xylitol and stevia. I stopped using the microwave and started to use the stove, basically anything I could think of to make the food healthier.

Thanks to the laser treatments I felt wonderful. I didn’t feel like I was missing anything. The treatments allowed me to focus on process of weight loss rather than the cravings and for the first time in my life I had success. It’s been over a year now and I’ve lost over 80 lbs and counting. I still don’t feel like I’m missing anything. I eat real food and I feel great for the first time in my life.

Thank you, Natalie! You literally saved my life.

Helen Hands