I quit smoking with LaZer iZ on Feb 14, 2017. I smoked for 20 years, and loved it! I would have a cigarette the minute I woke up and never thought I could quit. I still had some cravings however they were not the same kind of cravings I had during previous quit attempts. I’m at week 7 and currently have almost no cravings and I’m excited by this because I didn’t have to use Nicotine replacement to get here. Thanks to Tina’s support and positive attitude, because I couldn’t have done it without her.


My initial concern with doing a quit smoking LaZer iZ treatment was the cravings, the price and does it really work. I have tried the patches over and over again for the last 20 years. I always went back to smoking due to the cravings. This LaZer iZ treatment eliminated the cravings for me. I have read many reviews and some say they still had the cravings after treatment, in my case I had no cravings. What I did have was a bad habit, and I also had to stop thinking about smoking. I had to change my thoughts and I had to do something else to change the habit. How I changed my thoughts and habits slowly were by doing things a little different. For example, on my way to work and home from work I would enjoy my cigarettes, for the first little while, I brought a bottle of water in the vehicle with me, when I went to grab for my cigarette or I thought of my cigarettes, I grabbed my bottle of water and took a drink, eventually my habit of smoking and thoughts were changed. The initial price was a bit much, but it can be paid in less than a month of smoking and in the long run, your body deserves it. I will have 2 months smoke free, nicotine free, tomorrow. I recommend the LaZer iZ treatment to anybody who really is looking to quit. You have to really want to, it’s like anything else, my problem was the cravings, and the LaZer iZ treatment helped me quit without the awful cravings. Thank you Tina for explaining things to me thoroughly. I was a skeptic, but now I can say today it has worked for me.


Thanks to a good friend, I was introduced to LaZer iZ – June 22, 2017 – my NEW day. I wasn’t sure I was ready to do this; especially on my holiday, but I took the leap and have not looked back. I actually find it hard to believe that I was a smoker. Tina was very thorough in all that she was doing and clearly articulated some things that may or may not happen and how to make the right choices. I have had no cravings, no mood swings (only with boosters, so I had to stop…. and that is the truth…LOL), no food replacement; I really sort of feel that I have always been a non-smoker (and I have been smoking well over half my life – I am 51. It was the best decision I ever made for myself as it lead to other great life choices and changes. I am aware that everybody responds differently, so I feel pretty lucky with my experience. LaZer iZ is absolutely worth it. Changed my life! Thank you!


I had gone in to LaZer iZ to help me quit smoking after smoking 1-2 packs a day walked in there stressed, nervous, moody and more but after treatment I walked out calm,happy and so much more I was so happy it worked and now 5.5 years later I’m still smoke free.: staff were great and I recommend them to everyone I know and even people that I don’t . THANK YOU for helping me kick the smokes


Two days in my life that I will never be more grateful for….the day I met the love of my life and the day I had laser treatment done to quit smoking at LaZer iZ!

It was May 19th 2016. I had been smoking off and on (as I had tried to quit many times before, so many in fact that I lost count) for about 21 years. I even tried vaping for a short period of time but it didn’t help me quit my nicotine habit. And I didn’t think vaping was a good alternative since I was still putting chemicals into my body. I really wanted to quit and Natalie and her clinic were the answer to my prayers!!

I only had one treatment, one hour that fateful day in May of last year. It is hard to believe (actually not so hard to believe since their technology is truly the best in the industry!!!) it has been almost 14 months now and it has been as natural and easy as can be being a non-smoker! I feel like I can truly say now that I am a non-smoker and nicotine free. I have not struggled with any cravings since. I can even be around other smokers and see them smoking and there’s a small part of me that wants to light up a smoke (the old habitual mind I guess) but my body literally will not let me actually do the physical action of putting any nicotine in my body. It is the strangest feeling yet so liberating and freeing!!

It seems to me that Natalie and the amazing people at LaZer iZ assist in creating miracles every day for people wanting to be freed from their addictions.

If you are reading this right now and wondering if you should try this to free yourself from your own addiction I would ask you two questions: 1) what is a miracle like that worth to you? and 2) what do you have to lose….other than a nasty life sucking habit? That last question is exactly what I asked myself before I went for my treatment and I have not missed that nasty habit since  😉 Oh and if it wasn’t for LaZer iZ and this amazing technology to help me quit smoking I might not be with the love of my life now…we met last fall and he would definitely not have been interested in me if I was still a smoker when we met. <3


I went to LaZer iZ to help me quit smoking. I was a truck driver, 2 pack a day smoker! I tried everything and I just about went out of my mind. I figured it was my last hope. I was depressed thinking that I may never quit smoking! I walked in without really knowing how it worked. I just believed it would work! It was the best thing I had ever done for myself! It felt like the most relaxing spa day. I went in craving a smoke before I finished my last one; I left with my body not even recognizing a cigarette! No cravings! I kept my hands busy and chewing gum for about a week or so to get rid of the “habit of smoking”. It was unreal! I could be around cigarettes and it was like my body forgot what they were! After almost exactly 4 years, I can say thank you, LaZer iZ for making me a permanent ex-smoker!


Stopped smoking a year ago today. With the help from the laser clinic and Todd I have yet to touch another cigarette. The shop and Todd are both amazing and if you are contemplating quitting smoking I highly recommend this service!


I had smoked for 40+ years and quit smoking last January. The LaZer iZ treatment does work Janice luxton. I am living proof, if it weren’t for Todd and the stop cold treatment I would never had done it. Thank you again stop cold treatment and Todd Gallant!!